Welcome to Canning Day Lily Gardens


Welcome to Canning Daylily Gardens !



9:00 am - 8:00 pm

2013 OPEN HOUSE WEEK - July 24th - August 1st


(902) 582 - 7966 or (902) 582 - 7320



Canning Daylily Gardens is located just outside the village of Canning, in the eastern portion of the Annapolis Valley, in Nova Scotia. The garden is in the lee of the North Mountain, and is protected from the cold, north-westerly winds of winter. The temperature is also moderated by the water of the Minas Basin, putting our region a "5b" climate zone of. The Annapolis Valley is noted for its apple orchards and prime agricultural land

   Canning Daylily Gardens is a small, family run business. We have a full acre of daylilies under cultivation. We have several breeds of bantam poultry, and just recently stopped breeding Arabian horses.  Our  family consists of 4 children and 6 grandchildren, and many, many gardening friends.And this year Our oldest son is taking an active part of the gardens to carry on the family business.

Through the winter months, we supplement our love of gardening by tending to our attached greenhouse with a rapidly expanding orchid collection. The greenhouse also provides an excellent place, in the early spring, in which we can germinate our daylily seeds. We are both active members in the Orchid Society of Nova Scotia.

    Peak bloom in our garden usually starts around mid July and extends to mid August. We currently have over 1200 daylily cultivars in our garden. Our garden paths are easily accessible and enable our guests to get a close view of the plants.
 We have had visitors from across Canada and from many of the eastern United States. We enjoy sharing our garden with visitors, and look forward each spring to rekindling friendships with our gardening friends.


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