This will be the 12th year that the Canning Daylily Gardens has produced an on-line catalogue. We hope you will enjoy the wide selection of cultivars that we have to offer in 2013. Almost 30% of the cultivars listed in this year's catalogue are being offered, by us, for the first time. Many of the cultivars that we are offering are in limited supply. An "L" before a cultivar's name indicates that the number is quite small. All of the plants are offered as double fans, unless otherwise indicated ("S" = single fan), and offered on a first-come first-serve basis.

    Due to the large number of new plants we have added to the garden, we are making room by cutting back in the volume of some plants we have carried for years. Hence the sale of small clumps (code "C") of certain varieties.

    All of our plants are field grown; we do not sell tissue cultured plants. All of our plants are guaranteed to be true to name. With the large number of plants being offered, occasionally a labeling mistake does occur. If your purchased plant does not bloom true, please keep the plant you bought, but return to the garden and pick up the correct one.

    We live in a 5b climate zone. Our plants are guaranteed to survive zone 5b winter conditions. If you live in a colder climate zone, you might want to be more selective when choosing some evergreen cultivars.



DIP Diploid number of chromosomes
TET Tetraploid number of chromosomes, cultivar name preceded by an *
Tepals flower segments, petals and sepals
Petals the 3 innermost tepals
Sepals the 3 outermost tepals
Self petals and sepals all have the same color
Bitone petals and sepals are different shades of the same color
Bicolor petals are one color and sepals are another color
Noc. nocturnal - the blooms start to open the evening before
Ext. extended - the blooming period lasts for a longer period of time
CODE "N" - new release for us, "L" - limited supply available (number available in brackets), "S" - sold as single fans, "C" - sold as small clumps (3+ fans)
GR foliage type: "D" = dormant, "S" - semi-evergreen, "E" = evergreen
FL flower diameter
SC height of flower scape
SE season of bloom: "E" = early, "M" = mid-season, "L" = late season

*** New Astrex    -  HBC = High Bud count Over 35 Buds***

FR - Fragrant


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